API and Non API Process Pumps Centrifugal Process Pump (as per API 610)

We are supplying centrifugal pumps in our country with the manufactures that certified by the main client and registered in all Approved Vendor List of the clients. JUST has been awarded for centrifugal pumps with low, medium and high pressure and capacity by the Middle East clients.

Product Range (as per API 610 Std):
1- Overhung OH1/OH2 process pumps
2- Axial split BB1/BB2 pumps
3- Axial Split multistage BB3 Pumps
4- BB5 multistage radial split high pressure pumps
5- Radial split BB4 pumps
6- OH3/OH4 vertical inline pumps
7- VS1 vertical long shaft pumps
8- VS6 vertical low NPSH pump
9- VS4 vertical sump pumps